Self-sufficiency in the country side

informationSelf-sufficiency is recommended

Clean energy is built on its own account.

If it is called self-sufficiency, a time-tested product will build a cucumber, an eggplant, a Japanese radish, Chinese cabbage, etc. at its site.
A country life has time fully.
If it becomes the mind, otherwise, it is sometimes more interesting a lot.

A water wheel is made. 水車つくってみる?If you have the land along the stream.
   If it does not think that a splendid thing will be made, the thing of there there is made.
   Wonderful, since it can consider that it does simply unexpectedly, if thing is very observed.
    Rice, and a side and five cereals are attached and the brown rice boiled rice of oneself liking is enjoyed.
    It can also taste deliciously that the taste changes each time.

A firewood stove is made.
    It is also interesting to make the firewood stove of a oneself
style from the tire wheel and drum of a disused car.
    A welding machine and a gas burner surely have the company of lease and a rental, if it goes to a nearby town.
    Cheap, if it rents only when required.
    When a hobby develops and it takes out to a network, there are some persons who the order poured in and have made it trade.
      (The country life made leisurely may become impossible)

Wind power is made.自然のエネルギーを利用する
    The electric light cost of a house is not needed by independent wind power.
    Somewhat, although there is also a portion which needs special knowledge, if it investigates by the Internet, there are many those who teach by mail kindly.
    Electric cost will be no charge, if it succeeds, although the parts of the key point must be purchased.
    Origin can be taken immediately.
    If it refers to "wind power", structure is easy unexpectedly.